To add background music, this must be done during the initial setup of the project. This will be on the fourth step of the project setup. You will click on the Browse button and browse to the location of the music file. Medi@Show supports WAV, MP3, and MID files. You can also take tracks directly from an audio CD.

If there was no background music specified during the original setup, you will not be able to add it to an already created project. Also, you will not be able to change the background music, once the project has been created. For either, you need to recreate the project from the beginning.

Note: Medi@Show will only support WAV, MP3 and MID audio files. If the audio file is not showing up when you go to the correct folder, it is likely in another format that Medi@Show cannot read. You also have the option to import music directly from an audio CD.