Label Factory Deluxe reads dBASE III files. To bring your information from another program into Label Factory Deluxe, you will need to format it and save it over into the dBASE III format.

Note: We have run across issues with newer versions of Excel after Excel 2000 saving the dBASE III files in a format that is read by Label Factory Deluxe. If you have followed the formatting directions below and saved it to the dBASE III format in a version after Excel 2000 and it is not being read by Label Factory Deluxe, then you may need to manually create the database in Label Factory Deluxe.

To properly format your Excel worksheet, please perform the following steps:

  1. Open the document that you want to import in Excel.
  2. If you have multiple worksheets in your workbook, you will need to consolidate them to one worksheet. When saving to dBASE III, the other worksheets will not be converted.
  3. If you have additional sheets, right-click on the tab at the bottom of the screen of the first one to be deleted and select the Delete option from the pop-up menu. Repeat this step for all sheets except the one that contains your data.
  4. Go to the Edit menu.
  5. On your keyboard, hold down the CTRL key and press once on the letter “A” key.
  6. Go to the Format menu.
  7. Select the Format Cells option.
  8. On the Number tab, set the Category to General.
  9. On the Alignment tab, set the Horizontal to General and the Vertical to Bottom.
  10. On the Font tab, put a check mark in the Normal font checkbox.
  11. On the Border tab, select the None option under Presets.
  12. On the Patterns tab, select the No Color option.
  13. On the Protection tab, clear all checkboxes.
  14. Click on the OK button.
  15. Go to the File menu.
  16. Select the Save As option.
  17. From the Save as Types drop-down list, select the DBF3 (dBASE III) (*.dbf) option.
  18. In the File Name field, type a name for the file.
  19. Click on the Save option.
  20. In Label Factory Deluxe, go to the Database menu.
  21. Select the Open option.
  22. Click on the Open a dBASE III Database option.
  23. On the Open dBase Database window, browse to the file that you just saved and click the Open button.