To import an Excel file into your Address Book:

  1. Launch the Greeting Card Factory program.
  2. Open the project that you wish to work with.
  3. Go to the File menu and select the Import Address Book option.
  4. On the Import Address Book Source window, select the second option, for Access, Excel and Comma Delimited files, and click the Next button.
  5. On the Select an Addresss Book screen, click the Browse button.
  6. On the Open window, browse to and select the Excel file you wish to import.
  7. Click the Open button.
  8. Click the Next button.
  9. On the Import Address Book Fields window, select an entry from the far left column.
  10. Select the appropriate corresponding item from the middle column. For example, if you chose a person’s first name, you will select the FirstName item in the middle column.
  11. Click the Add button to assign that mapping. When you click the Add button, the option from the middle column will disappear from the middle and move to the last column.
  12. Select the next entry from the far left column and repeat steps 10-12.
  13. Once all of the fields are mapped appropriately, click the Finish button.

Note: It is recommended that your information in Excel is broken down into small units. For example, instead of having a person’s full name in one column, have the first name in one column and the last name in another. This will make it easier to import the information into the Address Book.