You can use the Address Book to automatically merge the names or addresses of everyone in the Address Book to multiple copies of a project. This is primarily used for project like Labels or Envelopes.

To perform a Mail Merge:

  1. Launch Greeting Card Factory.
  2. Open either an Envelope or Label project. If this is a pre-designed project, you will want to delete the pre-existing address information.
  3. Go to the File menu and select the Mail Merge option.
  4. From the Choose Merge Source, select the Address Book option and click OK.
  5. After a moment, the Insert Text window will appear. You will use this to select the fields that will be displayed on the project.
  6. Click “FirstName” from the center column and click the Insert Field button. You will now see <<FirstName>> in both the left- and right-hand sides.
  7. Select and click the Insert Field button for each of the following: “LastName”, “Address1”, “City”, “StateProvince” and “ZipPostalCode”.
  8. Click the OK button. There will now be a text box showing those fields run together in it.
  9. Double-click the text box. This will open the Edit Text window.
  10. Place your cursor between the <<FirstName>> and <<LastName>>. Press your Space bar once.
  11. Place your cursor between the <<LastName>> and <<Address1>>. Press your Enter key once.
  12. Place your cursor between the <Address1>> and <<City>>. Press your Enter key once.
  13. Place spaces between <<City>>, <<StateProvince>>, and <<ZipPostalCode>>.
  14. Click the OK button.
  15. Resize and reposition the text box as needed to fit properly on the project.
  16. Go to File and select Print Preview. You should now see your project with information from the Address Book in place of those field names.

Note: You need to have information in the Address Book entered for this to work.