If you are experiencing this issue with Windows Vista, please follow these directions:

Note: These steps are only for Windows Vista. If you are experiencing the problem on Windows XP, please see the directions found here:

How do I correct a Load MPEG VIO Driver Error in Windows XP? (KB035008)

  1. Uninstall Photo Explosion 3.0.
  2. Reinstall Photo Explosion 3.0.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. Download the Vista update for Photo Explosion 3.0 from the following link:



    Note: Please make sure you download the correct one for your version of Photo Explosion 3.0. If you have the Deluxe version, download the Deluxe update. If you have the regular version, download the non-Deluxe update.
  5. Save the update to an easily accessible location, such as your Desktop.
  6. Once downloaded, go to where the update was saved and double-click the update.
  7. After installing the update, you should no longer experience this problem.

Note: It is extremely important that you do not run Photo Explosion until you have restarted the computer and installed the update. If you run the program before installing the update, you will need to start the steps over from the beginning.