To use the program:

  1. Double-click on the PC Tutor icon that is on your Desktop. If not found there, go to Start – Programs – Nova Development – PC Tutor Learn Windows Vista & Office Deluxe icon.
  2. Click on the My Courses link found in the top left-hand corner of the window.
  3. Select one of the courses from the main selection area, such as Microsoft Windows Vista Level 1.
  4. Select one of the sub-topics for the course, such as Understand Microsoft Windows Vista.
  5. If prompted for a CD, please insert that in the drive and click the OK button.
  6. Select the sub-topic once more. This will open the sub-topic’s window.
  7. Click on the Next button to go to the next screen. When you are on the last page, the Next button will close the window and take you back to the sub-topic selection screen.

You will use the Next and Back buttons to browse through this sub-topic. You may occasionally come across questions. Try to answer them the best you can. These are not for a grade. Rather, they are simply used to show you how much of the information you have retained. You do need to try to answer them to show the course as Complete.