Unfortunately, this is a known issue with the program. Due to changes that occurred between versions 8 & 9, some of the graphics that were part of version 8 or earlier versions are no longer in version 9. 

In order to minimize project file sizes when saving them, the program's graphics displayed in the projects are not embedded within the project file. Rather, the project file use placeholders that point to the correct graphic's location in the program's installation folder. Since those graphics are no longer part of the program in version 9, the placeholders are pointing to images that no longer exist. This is why the images no longer display.

If it is important to recover those project files, you do have the option of reinstalling the older version of the program. If you have the space, you can have two or more versions installed at the same time. The only issue with this is that you will need to install them in reverse order. If you install them sequentially (v7, v8, v9, etc.), the newer version will detect the older version and prevent you from installing them. However, if you install them in reverse order (v9, v8, v7, etc.), you will not be prevented from installing them.