When you insert an image from your camera or scanner into Scrapbook Factory, the image has to be resized to fit on the page or within a photo frame. Scrapbook Factory automatically resizes it with its best clarity. However, some images will suffer from being resized.

In these cases, we suggest that the image is resized in an image editing program and saved to a new file before bringing that new file into Scrapbook Factory. The option to resize is going to vary depending on the program that you are using. You will need to consult the program's Help file or documentation to determine how it is done. We suggest that you resize it to an image size that is as close to the size from the Scrapbook Factory program.

To improve image quality:

  1. Launch the Scrapbook Factory program.
  2. On the Choose A Project screen, click the Scrapbooks option.
  3. Select the first scrapbook project and click the Next button.
  4. Click the Finish button.
  5. In the scrapbook workspace, click once on the photo frame to highlight it.
  6. Look at the QuickBox information on the status bar at the bottom of the screen. You will see that the dimensions of the image are 3.75in x 4.68in.
  7. Open your image editing program.
  8. Open the image in the image editing program.
  9. Resize the image to match or come close to the 3.75in x 4.68in for the photo frame.
  10. Save the image in a new file.
  11. Go back to Scrapbook Factory.
  12. Double-click the photo frame and insert the image that you just saved from the image editing program.