You usually set objects like TV sets, computers, and cookware atop other objects such as tables and stands. To place an object on top of another object:

  1. Select the object (such as a TV set) that you want to have on top.
  2. To be able to change its elevation, if necessary, click the lock icon next to the Elevation box in the Object Properties tab of the Inspector.
  3. If the object (such as the TV set) is higher than the other object (such as the table), drag the first object (TV set) over the second (table) in the 2D or 3D view. The TV set will "jump" to the table in this example.


If the first object is lower than the other object:

  1. Drag the first object over the second object in the 2D or 3D view.
  2. Then, increase the Elevation value in the Inspector to lift the object or press Cmd-Option as you drag the object upwards in the 3D view.

For example, if the table’s top is higher than the TV set, the latter appears under the table after dragging it. Then, increase the Elevation value to lift the TV set until it is on the table.