There are several ways to apply material to an object.

The easiest way to apply a material is to drag a material from the Materials library onto an object while in the 3D view. An object may have multiple parts. So, be sure to drag the material to the exact part of the object you want to modify.

The other way to apply a material is to use the Inspector to change the material of one or more parts of an object. Directions on how to do that are below:

  1. Select an object.
  2. Open the Materials tab of the Inspector.

    All the existing materials for the selected object appear in the Object’s Materials list.

    Note: Each item in the list actually represents a part of the selected object. The same material may appear in the list several times. If so, that material has been applied to several parts of the object.

  3. Select one or more parts to change. To select multiple parts, click each part while pressing the Cmd key. To select a range of parts, click the first part and then press the Shift key as you select the last part.
  4. Specify a category in the Material category pop-up menu.
  5. Browse through the material samples in that category.
  6. Select one of the material samples.