Before installing HGTV home design software, we recommend you have all your updates for Windows installed. We also recommend you have the latest drivers for your video card.

To get the most recent drivers for you video card, people often have to go to the video card manufacturer's website. To make sure you have the most recent updates installed for Windows, you can check for updates here:

To install HGTV home design software, please perform the following steps:

  1. Insert the HGTV Installer disc into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Select the Install HGTV Ultimate Home Design with Landscaping & Decks or Install HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite button.
  3. Follow the steps from the installation program to complete the installation.
  4. Click the Finish button at the end of the installation.
  5. Click on Exit in the lower right-hand corner of the HGTV installation splashscreen.
  6. Remove the HGTV Installer disc from your CD-ROM drive.