There are several reasons why HGTV Home Design for Mac may not start.

  • HGTV Home Design cannot find its files or folders, or the files are damaged.

    Solution: Re-install HGTV Home Design for Mac. Before you re-install the application, uninstall it by choosing Uninstall from the HGTV Home Design menu. To perform a minimal uninstall, select the first three checkboxes and click Uninstall.
  • Incorrect settings were saved in the program’s preferences file.

    Solution: Delete the preferences file com.novadevelopment.HGTVHomeDesign.plist from the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder.
  • HGTV Home Design for Mac cannot open a corrupted document.

    Solution: If HGTV Home Design for Mac does not start when you double-click a project file (*.li3d file), open HGTV Home Design for Mac from the Applications folder. Then, try to open the document from within the application.