With Business Card Factory, in addition to printing business cards and stationery on your own printer, you have the opportunity to send your designs to a print shop to be professionally printed. If you decide to use a print service, you must convert your designs into high resolution JPEG files by using the Business Card Factory wizard, and then upload your files to the print service via the Internet. You must have an Internet connection and be in the United States to use this feature.

To use a print service:

  1. Click Send to Print Service on the Design bar. Or Choose Send to Print Service from the File menu.
  2. Click Browse to save the design as a hi-res image file. The image will automatically be saved as a JPEG file at 600 DPI.
  3. Locate and open the folder to which you want to save the hi-res image. It is important to note where you save this file to, as this will be the hi-res file (JPEG) that you will need to upload to the print service.

    Note:The Print Service will not accept any other file types.

  4. Name the design’s hi-res image file and click Save. This will export your Business Card as a 600 DPI resolution JPEG file. Again, it is very important to note where you save this file, as this will be this hi-res file (JPEG) that you will need to upload to the print service.

    Note:You may not upload files in any other manner.

  5. Click Next and then click Finish.

    Note:If you have a dial-up Internet connection, the connection is established. Your default browser starts and then connects to the online print service.

  6. Follow the instructions from the print service to upload the JPEG file that was created in the previous wizard (The file that you exported in Step 3 above), select printing options and order your business cards or other stationery.