An ISBN bar code is a slightly varied EAN-13 bar code. Before creating an ISBN bar code, however, it is highly recommended that you contact the International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN) agency at (908) 665-6770 to obtain information on creating book industry bar codes.

To create an ISBN bar code:

Use EAN 13

Character set 10 digits (0-9)
Start/stop character 1 start/stop character. These are automatically inserted. 1 separator
Self-checking yes
Check digit calculation yes, 1 check digit
Number of characters fixed, 13 places 12 or 13 digits must be entered. When 12 digits are entered, the check digit must be calculated.


EAN 8 and EAN 13 codes can be extended with a two or five-digit supplemental. When they are appended, the digits of the supplemental are separated by a comma from the digits of the main section.

Make sure Calculate Check Digit is CHECKED****
Entry Generated bar code
1234567 EAN 8 without supplemental
1234567,12345 EAN 8 with five-digit supplemental

123456789012 EAN 13 without supplemental
1234567890128 EAN 13 without supplemental
123456789012,12 EAN 13 with two-digit supplemental